Tuesday, May 10, 2011

So excited!!!

Today I had an interview at a salon that I've had my eye on since we moved to this area.  The timing just never seemed right for me to get in for an interview before, or maybe it was more of me not being ready to find a sitter for Kale and Addison and head to work and help our financial situation a little more.  But now, after lots of prayer (and a not-so-great job currently) I finally felt the urge to really get serious, and when the salon owner contacted me last week, I scheduled the interview.

Anyway, I got offered the job on the spot!!!!  I'm so very excited...this is the type of salon I envisioned myself at when I started school!  Plus Joanie (the owner) seems like she will be an extraordinary boss. 

Now we just need to pray for a babysitter...one that I will be at ease leaving my children with while I'm away.............


  1. YAY! I have been perusing the website for Amelia's. It looks AMAZING! I am so happy for you. :) It's so important to enjoy your work place.

  2. WOW -it looks like the BOMB! Hooray for finding the atmosphere for which you've been dreaming of working in...

    Praying all goes well... congratulations.