Monday, February 21, 2011

I promise I haven't forgotten about you!

Yet again, another month goes by and I fail to post anything!

Noelle is three months old.  (Seriously!?)  She's finally sleeping through the night, a pro at tummy time, and a first class smiling sweetie.  After waking up, she's immediately smiling. 

She's also pretty good at at giggling.

Harvey is busy being an absolute doting big brother, dropping everything when he hears her fuss and "helping" put her pacifier in, or just giving her kisses.

He hasn't said any new words beyond "Hiiiiiiii!" or "More", but he loves to chatter nonetheless.  I'm enjoying it for now.

And Daddy hasn't forgotten about Mommy.  :0)

Life is good.  :0)


  1. Harvey treats her just like your big brother treated you!

    So cute - both of them!

    And so nice of Daddy.

  2. So sweet. Sweet babies and sweet flowers. :)