Sunday, March 20, 2011


Every day is full of moments that I wouldn't change for the world.  For instance, when Kale runs over to Addison in the morning going, "Mmmmmm!!!" with his lips puckered, ready to kiss her.  Or when he sits on the floor reading his books, totally oblivious to the world around him...and the moments when Addison stares into my eyes and we just share that moment. 

I wouldn't change those moments for anything.  But there are a few I would change.

If I could change the moment it took for John's hockey career to end, I would.  The moment when he made that save, and the opposing player fell onto his lower back...thankfully he wasn't paralyzed, although it took quite a while for him to get the feeling back in his legs.  The Division I hockey scouts no longer corresponded with him, and his dream ended there...and it took a moment to shatter that dream.

I would also change the moment I decided to attend a $100,000+ university.  (Bet you can't guess why...)

Everyone says as you get older, time goes faster.  And so that is why I'm really trying to take time to smell the roses, and to savor the moments I am lucky enough to experience with my children.  It's also a huge reason as to why I haven't yet decided on working.  I missed the exciting moments when Kale first rolled over, sat up, and crawled.  Because I was working.  I don't want to miss them with Addison, and I don't want to miss Kale's first sentence, or his first time singing a song, or any other moment that a mother should witness. 

As Steven Tyler sings, I don't want to miss a thing.

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