Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Everything has a beginning....

I've started this blog for multiple reasons.

First, to write again, as I haven't honestly written since college.  We're going on almost three years.  As a Public Relations and International Journalism major, I [obviously] enjoy writing and wanted to do it as a career, but in this fantastic economy, that hasn't worked out.

Second, to get things out.  I've always been better at figuring life out when I write it down.  Problems don't seem so huge when they're written down.  They seem conquerable when I can see the issue from beginning to end.  Feelings seem to make more sense when they're out, too.  It's just a great way to express oneself.

Third, to connect with others; bounce ideas off others; learn from others.  The internet is a massive, interesting tool and I want to use it for more than just Google.  :0)

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  1. Candice- I just found your blog. You are a wonderful writer, keep up the great work! Your little boy is absolutely adorable! Congrats to you and your hubby! I hope you're doing well.