Monday, September 20, 2010

Holy Procrastination, Batman!

I am officially procrastinating to the utmost extent right now.

I need to be shampooing carpet and/or cleaning out the fridge.

Instead, I am sitting at the computer, Facebooking, emailing, blogging....all while hoping I have the ingredients to make chocolate cheesecake brownies.  But I'm even too lazy at this moment to check the recipe.

Part of it is I'm exhausted...went to bed later than I wanted to last night and woke up at 6am to see my husband off as he heads out of town for another week.

The weather today isn't helping, either...overcast and gloomy...59 degrees....slight drizzle....windy.

Thankfully, Harvey went down for a nap at 2:00 as he was super tired, too...maybe I will take a nap.

Or go shampoo some carpet. 

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