Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Little Man

I. Am. Exhausted.

I went to bed around eleven o'clock last night, but I was up for most of it.

Harvey's nose started running around four o'clock yesterday afternoon, so I figured he was getting a cold.  (No thanks to Daddy not covering him properly in the cool weather, I thought.)  Plus, after talking to my mom, I learned that Harvey's Uncle Crash also had a runny nose. 

Then around bedtime, I felt inside his mouth and could feel one of his top teeth coming through.


Not Daddy's fault after all...

Harvey went to bed fine, but by the time I went to bed, he was already having trouble breathing.  He sleeps with a pacifier in practically all night, so that made it even more difficult.

It seemed like every ten minutes I was going into his room and rubbing his back, trying to quiet him down.  I managed to get a couple hours of solid sleep, though. 

After hitting my snooze for the fifth time this morning, I decided I needed to grab the suction bulb and clean Harvey's little nose out, which meant I was waking him up at 7:09.  Now the very first time I tried this back in June when his bottom teeth popped up, he would giggle to no end.  Apparently it's super funny to have Mommy suction out your nose!

Not this time.

Poor little guy was thrashing around as if I were trying to hurt him!  :0(  But finally, I was able to get most of the passage way clean and viola!  He could breathe again!!! 

Of course, when something like teething and congestion happen, much more has to as well...Harvey had soaked through his diaper, and five minutes after that he stunk up the entire room and got poo all over his [fresh, clean] pajamas, so I had to change him again, much to his dismay.

We finally settled down for the morning and he's been acting like his normal self, except for the watery eyes and runny nose.  He crawls to the balcony window, stands up, and waves to traffic driving by.  :0)

If only we could all be so friendly while sick. 

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